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Thanks to my voice over work I have also often been asked to translate documentaries and film scripts. I worked in close collaboration with the journalist Nathalie Chiesa on the ‘America’s Cup Stories’ series about the famous boat race for the TV production company 2P2L and for the same company I also translated the lifestyle programme 'Chic' as well as political documentaries ('Mitterand and the Algerian War' written by Benjamin Stora and François Malye) and corporate videos (EDF). 
I also translated  Yann- Arthus Bertrand’s series of nature documentaries, ‘Seen from the Sky’  for the international market. More recently, I translated Olivier Boucreux's documentary on the worldwide success of the film 'Untouchables'.
Understanding the difficulties of narrating a text over a set time code of images as a voice over artist has meant I am particularly careful when translating film/TV work, ensuring that despite the different languages the rhythm stays the same. I also enjoy finding the right 'voice' or 'tone' for the different styles of translations I've been asked to do:not unlike an actor finding the voice and physique for his character! 

Please see above for examples of my work in these various fields.